Friday, 13 September 2013

Comet Castletown & Results

Yesterday, the 12th of September, TY History students were given the opportunity to go to Castletown House. We were told we had to walk there, but the weather was so bad that we ended up getting a bus, which was a huge relief. 
The tour consisted of the whole house with the restored rooms. I had taken the tour many times before, so I was joking with my friends while we were waiting and pretending to give a tour of the stables (with a few true facts I might add!) I said things like
"The 3 pillars to your right are made from Irish limestone, quarried here in the town. The cobblestoned ground is also limestone. We are currently standing in the West wing, and just up above is the dining room which we will see later on the tour. If you just follow me over here, you'll see an original stable that Tom Conolly would have kept his hunting horse in. If you have any questions just ask me at the end of the tour, thank you."
It was a good laugh. 

The day before on Wednesday, we received our Junior Cert Results. I did good and received all honours, which I am proud of. I didn't go "out" to celebrate. Instead I went to a friend's house for a party and had a fab time.

That's all for now.
On Monday, I'll be heading up to Carlingford for two days, and I'm not overly excited, but we'll see how it turns out.



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